Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2011/09/24 16:10] (English)

I have a photoshoot each day
and then, photoshoots the mornings before rehearsal

there is not enough time to sleep

Ever since the weather cooled down
I’m really sleepy

being busy is a good thing
and the play is fun too

Since September began
every passing day has flown by…
and well, even though the days feel long too
I don’t have time for myself

Like spaaaacing out and listening to music, or like
going to watch movies, or
watching videos on my computer, or
recorded videos of dramas, or
going shopping and such

Even though there are so many things I want to do
it is like, I just come home, read my script, take a bath, and sleep…lol

Thinking that I wanted to eat something delicious at least,
the other day my Manager-san and I
went to eat yaki-niku lunch.

And with the snacks at our rehearsal site,
my spirits went back up

Niku-maki onigiri!*

From TBS-san (^ ^)
last April at Shimokitazawa’s Suzunari Theater
I ate it after I did the play so
my spirits were really lifted up

The cup with the sticker stuck to it with my name on it is
Chinese medicine that is good for your throat. haha

The play pretty much brought it on, huh
I have so many memos that
I now have no idea
which memos are the recent ones. haha

It is 2 weeks until the play.

By the way, today
tickets for the Yokohama show went on sale

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