Thursday, April 19, 2012

Announcement! NEW Photobook from Mano Erina! (5/23)

New PB has confirmed!
the title is MANO DATE.
release date: 5/23

Manokitty brings the boys out!

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/04/17 21:36] (English)

The stylist that I’m always
indebted to
gave me this
room fragrance
as a birthday gift♪
She said
“I got the one that I thought Mano-chan would like~” (^-^)/
It is a scent I really like!!
Lately in my room
I have aroma lamps or like
a candle corner or like
perfume, body cream corner and like
I just have a lot of goods that smell nice!
I don’t wear perfume but
the perfume bottles are cute so
I end up buying them〜
I’m a body-cream fan
I use the candle
when I want to relax♪

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/04/15 19:56] (English)

Today I watched Fourze
in real time〜
When Subaruboshi Highschool came out
I was reminded of Nadesiko haha
Lately if I have a little time
I’ll rent a DVD and watch a movie
I watched “Dear John”
“Theory of Life”
and “Yokame no Semi”
I want to see “Konzen Tokyuu”
but they are always all rented out (´Д` )
“Byosoku 5 senchi metoru” is also always rented out you know〜
“Black Swan” too
I just want to see it once〜
I tested out the sequential mode
on the iPhone camera app
Pudding Camera. haha

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/04/09 01:04] (English)

Today before my lessons
I had lunch with
Kikkawa Yuu-chan
Unlike normal
we made an appointment for the day and stuff beforehand! lol
We ate delicious food and chatted
And then, for the first time in ages
we took purikura photos♪
Lately the purikura
make your eyes really big don’t they (´Д` )lol

Happy birthday Manokitty!!

happy b'day to our kitty :D
and happy 21st
hope the best will always be with you


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Monday, April 9, 2012

Mano Erina - CD & DL April 2012


Mano Erina - BICYCLE NAVI Mei 2012


Mano Erina - Entame Magazine Mei 2012


Mano Erina - digimonostation magazine scan

Mano Erina - B-PASS Sugar & Spice Magazine 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/04/05 19:43] (English)

Since I had a little time
and since it was such nice weather, I went for a walk〜〜
And then
the cherry blossoms were blooming♪
It has finally warm, hasn’t it
I wonder if a lot of people will go see the cherry blossoms next week??*
As for me, I haven’t gone to see blossoms
I think ever since
kindergarten or so (´Д` )
In any case,
I saw cherry blossoms today so all is well ♪ haha
And plus, plus
the comments were amazing!!!
I felt jealous of how
popular Satori-chan is haha
thank you very much (^-^)/
The photo is of Chinese tea!
The name is so long and totally all in chinese characters so
I forgot it LOL
It is full of vitamins so I got it!

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/04/02 19:02] (English)

Did you watch
made another appearance
Even though I was a guest for the 1st talk
I came out for a special drama
I was so happy
And plus, my clothing simply
turned out to be short-sleeves! lol
I watched it
as a regular view in real time (^ ^)
SPEC is funny isn’t it~
I want to hurry and watch the movie too〜
I’m happy that Satori-chan’s popularity
it higher than was expected
To be enlightened (satori-masu)
I hope it becomes a fad haha
I had no make up on
It is important to give your skin a break
Hm, should I put on a hot pack
while taking a bath〜〜
Its been a while? since I wrote
such a random blog. haha

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/03/31 11:00] (English)

At this time of the year
I listen to the words of
“Haru no Arashi” a lot
Responding each time,
Mano Erina haha
Starting today
concert tickets
are starting to go on sale
June 9th
Miel Parque Hall Osaka
June 16th
Everyone, please come out and meet me♪