Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Michishige Sayumi sang Mano Erina's song My Days For You

My Days for You - Michishige Sayumi oleh candyboxvevo

[News] Mano Erina's tweets about Michishige Sayumi's Graduation

As fas as we know, Michishige Sayumi will graduate at Morning Musume'14 Fall Concert 2014.
Sayu is the idol which Manoeri adore and a reason that she join to H!P. Sayu is the longest served at Morning Musume'14 and the 1st leader who achieved 5x 1st Oricon Weekly Chart.
After Manoeri saw the news she tweets like this...

Eh?!?!Michishige-san is graduating from Morning Musume in autumn?!?!What a surprise 、、、 How should I say it If Michishige-san graduatesThen it feels like The Morning Musume。-sanThat I looked up to and liked since I was small Will disappear。It feels like we're on the verge of a new generation。Inside myself、 you knowI want to go to the graduation live (._.)

You know 、it's sad 。My tears are coming out in the train (._.)Despite it being something auspiciousSince graduation means setting out on a new path
I really understandThe feelings of all the fans.

ErinaSayu wearing same outift

Good luck Sayu for start anew. Hope Goddess of the Fortune will cheer upon you.
From me, please sayu, if your graduation is for start anew. please marry a wise man, not a scumbag-widower-2children-comedian-shitty head.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

[Promotion] Mano Erina as The Picther

Mano Erina throwing the first pitch at a baseball game.
This is for the chain promotion for The Next Generation Patlabor 2014