Sunday, May 27, 2012

[12th Single] Mano Erina - Song for the DATE (2012/06/27)

Photo Profile for "Song for the DATE"

release date: 27th June 2012


Mano Erina - UTB+ Vol. 8

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/05/14 23:04] (English)

A new week starts today〜
Last night,
I watched the DVD of my concert from a year ago
after all, I have 1 more month
until the June concert〜
I wondered, like, how can I grow
from the “me” 1 year ago?
Or like, since last year
are there any places where I’ve matured perhaps?
Or like, ah so I make
this kind of expression during the lives, or
Ah, I made a mistake here~ haha
Once again, I analyze myself.
But beyond those things,
up until now I get to stand on stage
wearing sparkling costumes
and sing in front of everyone~
that is so mysterious, it can’t be helped (^◇^;)
Even during the concerts
I always end up thinking,
aren’t I seeing my dreams now?
But a concert like that
is so fun and happy, it is a precious time and space.
I want my concerts to be
that sort of time and space for everyone too.
This time,
I won’t fear failure and
BAM! Head straight into it!
Since it is my annual solo concert
it is super precious. So,
I want to cherish the time I sing
and I’ll do my best to cherish the time I have with everyone.
I may not be perfect but
I want the “me” right now to give it all
and send Mano Erina, just as she is, to everyone.
I want people to like me even more.
My rival is always myself.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

(DVD) Mano Erina - UP TO DATE (Cover) (2012/06/06)

release date: 2012/06/06

[Announcement] Mano Erina Officialy moved to AMEBA


yup, please once again to bookmark that blog xD
follow her again!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[3rd Album] Mano Erina - More Friends Over (Reupload)

download link Click Here

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/05/13 21:27] (English)

Today is Mother’s Day isn’t it♪
I didn;t have time so
next time I want to have
a relaxing lunch date with Mama!
I want to eat delicious things
have tea at a cafe
and leisurely talk♪
Actually, both of my parents came to see
the stage greetings for “Waga haha no ki”
that was held yesterday in Yokohama!
It was embarrassing but
I was so happy (^ ^)
Well then,
I’ll be doing my best tomorrow too!
As for today, I’m already
in relax mode♪
Here’s my no-makeup face (haha)
I’ve gotta take a half-bath
stretch and do some muscle training

[Annoncement] Mano Erina Will change blog?

as annoucment from mano erina herself, she will change her blog from Gree to Ameba...
it'll the second time Mano changing blog...
but the change date still secret. well, lets see. maybe ASAP


Mano Erina - GIRLPOP Magazine

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Mano Erina - Preview MANO DATE

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mano Erina - BLT+ Vol. 02

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/05/05 22:22] (English)

The campaign for “Waga Haha no Ki”
in Shizuoka
is over!
I was incredibly happy
to be once again asked about my thoughts on this work
while on stage or through the radio
and to once again meet Harada Masato!
Talking about this work and
looking at the poster
and watching the preview and stuff,
my eyes overflowed with tears.
That is how overjoyed and happy I was
to participate in this wonderful work
When I watched this work as an audience member
I thought again about my parents and grandparents
I thought an unbelievable amount
about “family.”
Because they are the closest to you
you tend to forget to
express your gratitude directly each day, huh.
I realized this
after watching this movie.
Everyone, please watch it too.
Since Mothers Day is coming next week,
I recommend seeing it with your families!
The photo is
MOVIX Shimizu’s greenroom!
Handwritten messages from
the movie theater staff are put there
and I was moved when I saw them with Director Harada (^ ^)
My eyes fill with tears at this kind of love too.

Mano Erina - UTB 208 (Mano Date Preview)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/04/24 16:53] (English)

Lately, I like putting my hair in a low half-up
When I’m at home
I tie my bangs up with a scrunchy
and they get all clumped up. haha
The other day
I tested out making an odango-bun and I did it!
My hair really grew out huh~
And you know the other day,
even though its still just in an early state, they let me look at
“Mano Date”
my photobook that goes on sale May 23rd~
Because, like, they took photos at the end of the year but
it still feels a little short!
They didn’t style and set it
-my hair style was all natural all the time (^ ^)
It will be 1 month until it goes on sale♪
By the day, today
I looosely curled the ends of my hair so my half-up is short
I want it long again
but, I also want it short like how it was in middle school
And, or at least try changing the color (haha)
I want to try out all kinds of hairsyles♪

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/04/19 20:35] (English)

Today I was allowed to make an appearance
at the AkasakaBLITZ’S Vaudeville live
My first Rakugo!
Up until now
I haven’t really had many opportunities
to see or listen to it
and I had a very
regrettable degree of knowledge about rakugo, but
I challenged myself.
I did the speech “Hirabayashi” and,
it was like word play so it was funny (^ ^)
I’ve been getting ready since about 3 weeks earlier
and I had training about twice
and today I faced the real show
The real show just flew by (´Д` )
But but,
I briefly experienced rakugo
and I’m glad I came to understand how fun it is (^ ^)
Thank you very much
to everyone who came
The photo is today’s costume!