Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/05/14 23:04] (English)

A new week starts today〜
Last night,
I watched the DVD of my concert from a year ago
after all, I have 1 more month
until the June concert〜
I wondered, like, how can I grow
from the “me” 1 year ago?
Or like, since last year
are there any places where I’ve matured perhaps?
Or like, ah so I make
this kind of expression during the lives, or
Ah, I made a mistake here~ haha
Once again, I analyze myself.
But beyond those things,
up until now I get to stand on stage
wearing sparkling costumes
and sing in front of everyone~
that is so mysterious, it can’t be helped (^◇^;)
Even during the concerts
I always end up thinking,
aren’t I seeing my dreams now?
But a concert like that
is so fun and happy, it is a precious time and space.
I want my concerts to be
that sort of time and space for everyone too.
This time,
I won’t fear failure and
BAM! Head straight into it!
Since it is my annual solo concert
it is super precious. So,
I want to cherish the time I sing
and I’ll do my best to cherish the time I have with everyone.
I may not be perfect but
I want the “me” right now to give it all
and send Mano Erina, just as she is, to everyone.
I want people to like me even more.
My rival is always myself.

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