Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Concert] Mano Erina - OTOME LEGEND~For the Best Friends (23/02/2013)

Report from JIJIPRESS

Sunday, February 24, 2013

[Concert] Mano Erina - - OTOME LEGEND~For the Best Friends (23/02/2013)

and this is translation letter from Yajima Maimi to Mano Erina,

To Mano-chan,
It feels like just yesterday you were playing Mano Piano for the first time. Do you remember your debut event? I was there too. Back then you kept going “Yajima-san, Yajima-san” and wouldn’t call me “Maimi-chan”. I was determined to eventually get you to call me “Maimi-chan”. I found out that when you were little, you used to like climbing inside of the laundry basket. I was surprised and glad to find out we had this hobby in common. One time when your manager at the time gave you a script to read, I kept teasing you and pretended to act all strict… this was still when you were brand new and not used to anything yet. I want to apologize for that. But I was able to learn a lot about you from that event. It’s been about 5 years since that event. I’m sure I couldn’t even imagine how much harder things were since that starting point. Every time I see you cry or when you blog about your worries, I think to myself “Will she be okay?”. I always hoped you would reach out to me whenever you needed help. I was so happy the first time you came over and shared your problems with me. I really got to see how amazing of a person you were from how much you cared about your fans and how much effort you put into your work.

I was always wondering when your graduation day would come, and now it is finally here. I’ve watched you since your indies debut and at first I thought “Wow she looks nervous, I hope she does well, good luck!” and it even made me nervous, but over these past 5 years you’ve grown up both inside and out. Before I knew it, you had become that mature girl I admired and respected. It’s sad to think that you won’t be at any of the Hello! Project concerts anymore, but I wish you the best now as you start off in a new direction and head towards your dreams. You’ve already crossed so many obstacles to reach this point. I am positive that if you run into any walls in the future, you’ll be able to handle it no problem. I am not worried about that at all. But if you ever run into rough times, please don’t keep it to yourself. You aren’t alone. If you just look around, you’ll see you have your staff, Manofure, and of course me. We are all rooting for you. Starting tomorrow I’ll be supporting the new Mano Erina with all my heart. Congratulations on your graduation!


[Concert] Mano Erina - - OTOME LEGEND~For the Best Friends (23/02/2013)

Here's translation letter from Tsugunaga Momoko to Mano Erina at Grad-Con yesterday.

Mano-chan, congratulations on your graduation.
When I first heard about your graduation I approached it with the attitude of “Oh there is still plenty of time left” – but today on February 23rd, you are graduating from Hello! Project and now there isn’t any time left. We are the same age so whenever I was around you I was able to feel at ease. We would go out to eat often, had a lot of talks, and you even helped me out when I needed someone to talk to… I just want to thank you for all of that. Mano, you always loved acting and well… I wasn’t so great at it… so when I came to you for help because I couldn’t remember my lines during rehearsals, you told me “Maybe if you tried reading the script you’d be able to memorize the lines…” I guess you aren’t that great for advice after all… although, I did give reading the script a try and I was actually able to memorize the lines. Thanks!

My fans are always telling me that I look like a loner… but you reached out to me and you became the only person I really pay attention to. So in terms of this graduation, yes the only person in my life is graduating, but more importantly I am back to being a loner again… I no longer have someone to go out to dinner with. Yes, that’s quite worrisome. But Mano-chan, Mano fans, don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll find a new person to go out to dinner with.

Mano-chan, as you now start off a more acting-centered life, I will support you with all my heart. If you are ever on set or something and you run into the situation where someone asks “Could you introduce me to any of your friends from when you were an idol?” please give me a call! But before that, there are some habits I wish you would stop – 1. Eating large amounts of nattou in the dressing room. 2. When eating out, splitting the bill all the way down to fractions of a dish. And now lastly, Mano you’re always so responsible and kind and I love you for it. I hope you’ll continue to be my otomomochi.

February 23, 2013
Tsugunaga Momoko


[Concert] Mano Erina - - OTOME LEGEND~For the Best Friends (23/02/2013)

Report from MaiDigiTV footage

Saturday, February 23, 2013

[Concert] Mano Erina - OTOME LEGEND~For the Best Friends (23/02/2013)

 Its done! otsukaresamadeshita, Mano Erina-san!
hope you not get cold. We will always be your Friends, because we are MANO FRIENDS!

this is the tracklist from her graduate concert

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[Drama] Mano Erina - Minna! Esper dayo!

This April, after graduation concert, Mano Erina will have new schedule drama, called Minna! Esper Da Yo!
What kind drama is that? click link below

Monday, February 11, 2013

Single Collection of Mano Erina

hi there Mano Friends! warmest greeting from me :D

its just 13 or 14 days left to Mano Erina graduation from Hello!Project.

FYI, i myself, start follow her from her first perform with Hello! Project Egg until now (or maybe forever :swt ).
Mano Erina started from Hello! Pro Egg 2nd Generation.

and this is my single collection so far... (just missed 3rd major single and 1-3 indies single :sob )

thats just my single collection, for other collection of Mano Erina will post soon :P

and prepare for graduation guys!!

[Magazine] Mano Erina - BOMB Magazine (23/02/2013)

 photo ufufu_em_2119_zps591385a5.jpg photo ufufu_em_2120_zps204e580c.jpg photo ufufu_em_2121_zpsbc14128b.jpg
 photo ufufu_em_2122_zpsa5144b75.jpg photo ufufu_em_2123_zpsb408bac7.jpg photo ufufu_em_2124_zps14d667a7.jpg
 photo ufufu_em_2125_zps2d7f94b9.jpg photo me001_zps03780f22.jpg photo me002_zps0cb7d350.jpg
 photo me003_zps29b2d735.jpg photo me004_zpsbc622f20.jpg photo me005_zpsa675e51a.jpg

Thursday, February 7, 2013

[5th Photobook] Mano Erina - Mano Na No (23/02/13)

(this isnt her PB cover)

Its official info (even at Hello!Project site still no info :swt )

Mano Erina will release her 5th photobook at the same day with her graduation concert.
the title called "Mano na no"


Friday, February 1, 2013

Mano Erina - Zenbu Daisuki (ゼンブダイスキ)

this song is from her 4th album called "Best Friend". Zenbu Daisuki is the 2nd track at her 4th album.