Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[Drama] Mano Erina - Minna! Esper dayo!

This April, after graduation concert, Mano Erina will have new schedule drama, called Minna! Esper Da Yo!
What kind drama is that? click link below

「Minna! Esper Da Yo!/みんな!エスパーだよ!」 is adoptation drama from manga/comic which is same title with drama version.
There will be 3 Protagonist character/main actor in this drama and Mano Erina is one of main actress or called heroine.

 Mano Erina will play as Asami Sae.
This is comment from the produser
Sae is the character that the main character, Yoshiro, thinks of as his "heroine" so I want to work hard to have everyone to be able to think of me as "cute" the way he does. Also, she tends to be someone who says how she's really feeling on the inside so I want to be able to bring out that gap in her personality. I want people to think "That girls is scary...!" (Lol)
This is my first time as a regular on a national network (I think she means like, not on cable. The way ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. are available everywhere in America) so I'm hoping to use this opportunity as a chance to start my acting career.
Because this will be broadcast late, and the content is interesting, I hope that those who come home tired from work or Jyuku can relax and watch it with ease.
With this show I would like to be able to grow as an actress so I plan on working really hard.
And this is for the manga synopsis
Manga synopsis.
"The psychic comedy follows an ordinary (virgin) high school boy named Yoshirō "Yocchan" Kamogawa. His life changes overnight when he wakes up with the ability to read other people's minds.

Yoshirō is not the only one to gain powers in his town. Teru-oichan, an (apparently virgin) worker at a café near Yoshirō's school, gains telekinesis — but he uses it for sex toys. Yōsuke Enomoto, a (probably virgin) senior and former basketball player at Yoshirō's high school, gains teleportation — but only while naked."
 So, just wait and stay tuned for this first drama after her graduation.
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