Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/02/01 12:03] (English)

Starting today, it is February
I feel like
flew by in the blink of an eye
If I reflect on it
it feels like somehow
everyday just flies by.
In February
from the 8-19th
at the Akasaka RED Theater
there is the Kibako group performance,
on the 22nd
my first single in 8months
is going on sale, and stuff.
It seems like I’ll be
fighting a lot of things this month, but
At least in how I feel about things, I can’t let myself be beaten…
I’ve just got to do my best huh
I hope I can pull it off perfectly!
By writing it here like this,
I can convince myself. lol
I’ve been listening to
Funky Monkey Babies since the morning today
Even though I’m listening to them on shuffle
the flow from “daijoubu 『大丈夫』”
to “Kanashimi nante waraitobase 『悲しみなんて笑い飛ばせ』”
was kind of awesome*
Music is just amazing

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/01/31 16:36] (English)

This was my outfit for rehearsal
a Kamen Rider Nadesiko Tshirt
Everyone said,
Hoow niice
It is amazing that you did the transformation and stuff (^ ^)
The effect of Kamen Rider Nadesico
around me is really big!
The other day
on location in Akihabara,
I was so happy~
when someone was like “Are you Nadesico?”
I wonder if the DVD
of the MOVIE Battle won’t be out soon~
I’m just totally into Fourze
every week I record it and stuff
and my cell phone strap is
and a pin batch of Nadesico
Every week on Sunday,
when I come home when work is over
it is my habit to watch my recorded show
Rehearsal keeps continuing on
so let’s keep working ha~rd

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/01/30 14:46] (English)

Today I had training again.
With the members from
the Kibako group last time
and adding in EXILE’S KENICHI-san who just joined
it is very lively (^-^)/
It really
felt like a family gathering
During breaks
everyone is carefree
but when it is practice time
everyone does it seriously
it is a wonderful company
This time as well, Mano
received a task from the director.
I’m doing my best so please watch over me.
I have a new thing to challenge myself with
Well then,
today I’m off again to do a play with everyone~
The photo is from our training location
on the top of my desk.
The script
a cup of herb tea with our official name written on it
the plums I’m into lately
and some fruit gummies that I’ve loved since I was little

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/01/29 15:46] (English)

Mano Erina
fell in love at first sight.
The second I entered the shop
my heart was stolen.
Mr Donut Strap!!!
You are way too cute ヽ(;▽;)ノ
And whats more, hand made
Every once in a while when I go to the shop,
there is a cart by the entrance but
it is pretty rare
to meet something like this isn’t it?!
And so,
I fretted a lot
and I went all around the store a lot
and decided on this one ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
impulse shopping.
Which is fine ~ lol
I put the strap on my cell phone
and bragged to everyone
Ah~ cute (*^ ^*)

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/01/17 11:01] (English)

This is Mano Erina
who did NOT fall back asleep after she woke up today
Lately falling back asleep has become a daily habit
Once I wake up,
I have to quickly get moving. lol
Since it is cold
it is hard to
get up out of my futon you know
The air outside today
reminds me of the marathon events in middle school.
All while saying “so cold, so cold”
from 1st year to 2nd
from 2nd year to 3rd
I wanted to shorten my time and such…lol
After finishing the run
the pork miso soup that my mom made for me
was so delicious.
The people in the 3rd class
would say, that’s a lot of pork, and stuff.
How nostalgic. lol
I’ll do my best today too.
The blog entry just before
was something I sent just 1 hour ago
The photo is of
S/mileage’s Kananan☆
She gets super attached to people
and she’s so cute (*´艸`)
In the songs throughout the concert
she kept making “gyuu” at me
so I’m doing it back to her lol
When I see her in the morning
she says (。-∀-)♪
At times like this
I think, ah, I’ve gotten older. lol

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/01/17 07:45] (English)

This is what I got from Nakajima-san yesterday
an aroma candle
I’m using it immediately (^-^)/
A geranium’s nice scent♪
I want to look at my script for the play
before the day is over so…
I’m doing my best
while being soothed by this scent
so that I won’t get stressed
When I can’t memorize things well
I get really irritated at myself, you know
By the way
the photo is hard to see but
there is the candle in the back and
the aroma oil lamp?
I have grapefruit and lavender and black tea and
strawberry and rosewood
I was kind of surprised
that I had so many. lol
Well then,
I’ve got work starting tomorrow morning so I’m going to memorize
bit by bit,
er no, with all my power.
is it your vacation time now?

Mano Erina - [11th single] DOKIDOKI BABY/Tasogare Kousaten Cover

Limited A
Limited B
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Single V
Release Date: 2012.2.22 (for single V) 2012.2.29