Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/02/01 12:03] (English)

Starting today, it is February
I feel like
flew by in the blink of an eye
If I reflect on it
it feels like somehow
everyday just flies by.
In February
from the 8-19th
at the Akasaka RED Theater
there is the Kibako group performance,
on the 22nd
my first single in 8months
is going on sale, and stuff.
It seems like I’ll be
fighting a lot of things this month, but
At least in how I feel about things, I can’t let myself be beaten…
I’ve just got to do my best huh
I hope I can pull it off perfectly!
By writing it here like this,
I can convince myself. lol
I’ve been listening to
Funky Monkey Babies since the morning today
Even though I’m listening to them on shuffle
the flow from “daijoubu 『大丈夫』”
to “Kanashimi nante waraitobase 『悲しみなんて笑い飛ばせ』”
was kind of awesome*
Music is just amazing

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