Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/01/17 11:01] (English)

This is Mano Erina
who did NOT fall back asleep after she woke up today
Lately falling back asleep has become a daily habit
Once I wake up,
I have to quickly get moving. lol
Since it is cold
it is hard to
get up out of my futon you know
The air outside today
reminds me of the marathon events in middle school.
All while saying “so cold, so cold”
from 1st year to 2nd
from 2nd year to 3rd
I wanted to shorten my time and such…lol
After finishing the run
the pork miso soup that my mom made for me
was so delicious.
The people in the 3rd class
would say, that’s a lot of pork, and stuff.
How nostalgic. lol
I’ll do my best today too.
The blog entry just before
was something I sent just 1 hour ago
The photo is of
S/mileage’s Kananan☆
She gets super attached to people
and she’s so cute (*´艸`)
In the songs throughout the concert
she kept making “gyuu” at me
so I’m doing it back to her lol
When I see her in the morning
she says (。-∀-)♪
At times like this
I think, ah, I’ve gotten older. lol

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