Monday, May 7, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/05/05 22:22] (English)

The campaign for “Waga Haha no Ki”
in Shizuoka
is over!
I was incredibly happy
to be once again asked about my thoughts on this work
while on stage or through the radio
and to once again meet Harada Masato!
Talking about this work and
looking at the poster
and watching the preview and stuff,
my eyes overflowed with tears.
That is how overjoyed and happy I was
to participate in this wonderful work
When I watched this work as an audience member
I thought again about my parents and grandparents
I thought an unbelievable amount
about “family.”
Because they are the closest to you
you tend to forget to
express your gratitude directly each day, huh.
I realized this
after watching this movie.
Everyone, please watch it too.
Since Mothers Day is coming next week,
I recommend seeing it with your families!
The photo is
MOVIX Shimizu’s greenroom!
Handwritten messages from
the movie theater staff are put there
and I was moved when I saw them with Director Harada (^ ^)
My eyes fill with tears at this kind of love too.

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