Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/04/24 16:53] (English)

Lately, I like putting my hair in a low half-up
When I’m at home
I tie my bangs up with a scrunchy
and they get all clumped up. haha
The other day
I tested out making an odango-bun and I did it!
My hair really grew out huh~
And you know the other day,
even though its still just in an early state, they let me look at
“Mano Date”
my photobook that goes on sale May 23rd~
Because, like, they took photos at the end of the year but
it still feels a little short!
They didn’t style and set it
-my hair style was all natural all the time (^ ^)
It will be 1 month until it goes on sale♪
By the day, today
I looosely curled the ends of my hair so my half-up is short
I want it long again
but, I also want it short like how it was in middle school
And, or at least try changing the color (haha)
I want to try out all kinds of hairsyles♪

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