Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/04/15 19:56] (English)

Today I watched Fourze
in real time〜
When Subaruboshi Highschool came out
I was reminded of Nadesiko haha
Lately if I have a little time
I’ll rent a DVD and watch a movie
I watched “Dear John”
“Theory of Life”
and “Yokame no Semi”
I want to see “Konzen Tokyuu”
but they are always all rented out (´Д` )
“Byosoku 5 senchi metoru” is also always rented out you know〜
“Black Swan” too
I just want to see it once〜
I tested out the sequential mode
on the iPhone camera app
Pudding Camera. haha

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