Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2011/08/31 09:03] (English)

Today was the final day of August

Starting from September,
my battle with myself begins

With this and that
yesterday, I got fitted for the costume for
my first work

Mano Erina
in another new genre!

I still can’t talk
about this for a while but
I hope it everyone will be happy about it too (^ ^)

And then, and then
I went once again to the beauty salon

They really made it thin and light!

The longest part
is about as long as my collar bone

It was like this
allllll through middle school!

I wonder, when
I’ll be able to see everyone
with this hair style?(´Д` )

I’m doing my best in a play so
if you don’t like it, please don’t tell me, okay (>_<)
It’ll really sting. haha

I forgot to take a photo at the beauty salon
Please forgive me for posting something from right now…

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