Monday, September 19, 2011

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2011/09/17 12:02] (English)


For the photoshoot
I woke up at 3:30am and like
continued on from 4:00am
and today as well, I woke up early

I finished the photoshoot early so
I rushed over the Geki Hello

I didn’t have time to go so
I’m glad I was able to go this time

It has been a while since
I met up with the Hello members and stuff (^ ^)

I haven’t met up with the members
since I cut my hair short so
everyone said
“Ehhh?!” You cut it?”
to me. lol

Since I must do my best at the play, I am

returning to training today too

In the comments
there were a few statements saying
I haven’t shown my face lately so…

I’m not wearing makeup and
I haven’t fixed up my bed head at all but
something like this is okay once in a while, right? lol

When I’m training
I can give my skin a break so
it has been really helpful

Well then
it is a three day weekend starting today but
I’ll be doing my best

Regards to NANA-san today too

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