Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2011/09/03 00:03] (English)

It was announced today that I am appearing
in a play that starts on October 8th,
called “Bi-nan desu ne” (or, “He’s handsome isn’t he”)

My role is
the role of NANA (*^ー^*)

I really liked the original work
for “Bi-nan desu ne”
and I have the DVD too so
to think that I am making an appearance in the stage version!
I was super super surprised
and also happy

But I like the original work and plus
it is my first stage role so
to be honest, I am still feeling anxious…

I want this play to leave NANA impressed in the hearts of
the guests who came to watch!

They decided to show the play at
From here on it is going to be a long-drawn out war so
I’m going to do my best controlling my concentration and my physical health!

It is the traveling troupe that I’ve dreamed of!

To think that I can go all the way to Fukuoka with a play 0
I am super happy

I’m going to do my best
together with the role of NANA
for this 2-month or so period

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