Monday, November 28, 2011

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2011/11/23 22:57] (English)

Today, I put on make-up starting at 6:30am

and went to Yomiuri Land

and did a Mobekimasu event


it was a bustling day

or rather

The audience far exceeded my expectations

When we’re active as Mobekimasu

the fans of various groups

are gathered together

It’s been such a long time

since I sang in front of so many fans

I forgot that I had high heels on

got too excited

and messed up my pacing


concerts are really great, after all

I’m sorry

I couldn’t be at the handshake event

until the endo(・ω・`)o

And to the people I couldn’t shake hands with

even though they had handshake tickets

I’m sorry(/_\;)

I too

am filled with regret….


thank you for coming

even when it’s cold


the Fukuoka performances

for the play, “Ikemen Desu ne” will start

It’s the last spurt

I wanted to eat a lot of delicious food

upon arrival in Fukuoka

but I’m tired

so I’ll take a bath and then go to sleep early


thank you very much

The picture is with Wada-chan

Lately we’ve been getting excited

about Korean food and talking about K-POP

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