Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2011/11/03 17:22] (English)

Today is a holiday

Culture Day

Even though it’s November,

with this mind-boggling weather

I’m stumped on what to wear

this and that…


“Ikemen desu ne”’s

Yokohama performances ended

After this

I’m going to Osaka and Fukuoka for our traveling performances

I’ve been there for events and concerts

but it’s the first time for a play

I’m excited and my heart’s pounding–

11 performances left


working hard

The people who turned up at the theater

overlook NANA little by little

and take an interest in Mano Erina

I’m very glad(^ ^)

Oh yeah oh yeah

the recent Lipton

comes with a cute strap

and I bought it against my better judgement

I really love

food-related straps

so it seems I might end up collecting them all. lol

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