Monday, November 7, 2011

Mano Erina - De*View Magazine (translation)

Mano Erina’s dream is coming true、one step at a time

Mano ★ Style

As a singer、as an actress、Mano Erina-chan who is steadily walking towards her dream、she is going to talk about work、private and others、as well as happy happenings in her every day life♪

Right now、while performing a play 『Ikemen desu ne』 、at a cafe nearby、everyday I went there to buy its seasonal flavour latte。 If I don’t drink it、it feels like I cannot start。 In last year play as well、I was into chai latte。 Perhaps、cafe’s beverage has become one of the thing that give me vitality & ease me up。 At the moment、since there are numerous days where I coop myself up in the theater、I had take-out instead、usually I will go by myself to the cafe、while drinking my favourite beverage、I like to do nothing

During the play、however、to comfortably spend time in the theatre、mood has to change、right。 When we have 2 performances in a 1 day、during free time、I ate sweets together with (Takahata) Mitsuki-chan、having an afternoon sleep for about 15 minutes、those are moment of happiness。 Also、there are times when I will read letters that I received from the fans。 There are those who wrote their impressions of the play。 Although there are more criticism……(bitter smile)。 But、I look at them as encouragement。

When I want to change my mood、there are times when I will spray body mist with pomegranate fragrance。 It’s a Korean product、because the smell does not overlap with other people、it feels like it’s my own fragrance、it’s currently my favourite♪ When I smell this fragrance、my feeling is refreshed。 Also、eating delicious food is also one way to refresh! Eating motsu nabe together with Mitsuki-chan、having Korean cuisine with my manager。Next time I want to eat yakiniku~。

When the play ends、as a present for myself、I’m thinking of buying pinky ring。If it’s during the play、because I do not even have the time to go shopping、I also spent a lot of times thinking about what I want to buy。This too is a way to relax (laugh)。But、because I have that as my objective、I think I am able to do my best!


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