Friday, October 28, 2011

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2011/10/27 14:39] (English)

I watched this

Mano Sonata
Red Sensation the 10th time around

It already feels nostalgic.

Up until now
my own CDs, DVDs, and such
I couldn’t watch them much, but

I gotta firmly watch
my own self singing

is what I thought and
starting from my recent solo con
I’m trying to watch them.

At that time, my singing, facial expressions
words that I spoke, and such

That they’re left in this form in this way
is something to be happy about
is what I thought.

Once again
to the staff and all the fans
my gratitude to them has strengthened

When watching from a calm viewpoint
“So I was singing with this kind of face”
“What great big thing am I talking about?”
I think such things

and in addition to that
that was the me of that time, so

“What kind of person am I, really?”
I think.

I don’t really know lol

Well then
shall I prepare to make NANA-chan come marching out?

Today in Yokohama
I’ll do my best too

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