Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2011/10/14 20:26] (English)

Nov 10 (Thursday) “Real Etude: Everyone’s House”’s blog will procided!
(Real Etude is an improv play where scenes based on episodes from real life are acted out.)

Date and time of priority acceptance: Oct 15 (Saturday) 12:00~ Oct 19 (Wednesday) 6pm

※Ticket arrangements will be drawn though lottery from those who have reservations.

Performance date and time: 2011 Nov 10 (Thursday)
1) Doors open: 12:30 Performance at 1pm
Performers: Mano Erina, Harukawa Kyosuke (EXILE), Morita Masamitsu (weathercaster)
2) Doors open: 6pm Performance at 6:30pm
Performers: Mano Erina, Harukawa Kyosuke (EXILE), Papaya Suzuki

Venue: AkasakaBLITZ

Ticket price: All seats 5,250yen (tax included)
※500yen for a special drink is required at the time of admission

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