Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2011/10/17 20:48] (English)

there was no performance
of “Binan desu ne”

it was a whole day of Kamen Rider Fourze

At the Rider location
it felt like it’s been a while
so it was nostalgic lol

I turned back into Nadeshiko-chan and
did some dubbing for the movie version

I have absolutely no experience with it
so I was super nervous

Watching the other cast members doing it,
it’s not the time to be saying, “Amazing!”

I can’t usually experience this, so
it was fun

It opens on Dec 10!

The pamphlets are already out
and it seems theaters are already booked, so
please try searching for them

Looking forward to
the completion of the movie~

By the way
my ringtone right now
is Fourze’s opening
“Switch On!”

It’s a song that’s very like me and gets me excited

The whole day today
I’ve been humming it

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