Friday, October 28, 2011

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2011/10/27 10:17] (English)

The play “Ikemen Desu ne”
came back with the 21st performance out of a total of 41

Though I say that
There are still 20 performances left

Such a long performance
is a first for me
so it’s a barrier that I’ve never confronted before

“Experience” is scary
Once the lines are soaked into my body
It becomes hard to get into the emotions
I become slow…
and impertinent…
I gotta do it without forgetting to have a fresh style

And so,
today, too, there are only night performances in Yokohama
I was able to relax after a long time
so with a change of pace
I’ll once again work hard

When doing a play
One really has to preserve the ability to concentrate, so
I think, “Lately, am I not keeping up with what’s happening around me?”

Even the Mobekimasu activities
They’re woven through the play’s intervals, but
no matter what, there are still times when I can’t participate

Whenever things like that increase
“I really am by myself, after all”
I end up thinking that…

Yuuka’s graduation
was also announced suddenly…

That, too, everyone,
while doing Mobekimasu activities
seemed to have heard it from Yuuka herself
I wasn’t there,
so when I found out, I was incredibly bewildered

But after that
I talked to Yuuka on the phone

and we talked a lot

Because I talked to her directly
I won’t write my thoughts here.
It’s because I can’t put it into a proper composition

The next time we meet
I want to
hug her
and make her hair all disheveled.

After a long time
a photo of the sky.

My heart is cleansed.

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