Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2010/10/16 23:55] (English)

Since I have an event in Osaka tomorrow,I came here beforehand around evening time ε=┏( ・∀・)┛

I went to Theater BRAVA to watch Berryz Koubou’s stage play “San Oku En Shoujo” (´∀`人)

Tsugunaga Momoko-san was the main lead this time round ☆+゜

This makes me want to watch all 7 people as the main lead ((o*>∀<)o

Speaking of which,there's still another performance tomorrow so if you haven't watched it yet,please do go!!

I won't lose out as well!
I'll do my best for tomorrow's event (@>ω<)ノ★゛

The bracelet that I'm wearing in the photo was made by Tomita-san from "Powerstone therapist" (*´艸`)

The color is just so pretty ~
I'm glad I have this (。・∀・。)ノ

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