Monday, August 30, 2010

Mano Erina Translation Hello Project Maru Wakari BOOK (English)

1. If you could create your own unit, which other members will be in it and what will be the unit name?
2.1 Singing and voice you admire?
2.2 Dancing you admire?
2.3 Talking skill you admire?
2.4 Character you admire?
2.5 Looks you admire?
2.6 Fashion sense you admire?
3. I’m the only one that knows “___[The person's name]___ is actually _____”...
4. The person you want as your elder sister?
5. The person you want as your younger sister?
6. It would be great if this person was my mother…
7. It would be cute if this person was your pet… [Not too sure about this one]
8. You form a comedy group with this other person who is a must to have in your group. Who is this person?
9. The person you want as your girlfriend if you were a male?
10. The person you would want as your boyfriend if she were a male?

1. Tsundere 4 Sisters [I was lazy to look up the Kanji reading... Sorry]
Michishige Sayumi, Nakajima Saki and Maeda Yuuka.
2.1 Kamei Eri
2.2 Kamei Eri
2.3 Wada Ayaka
2.4 Michishige Sayumi
2.5 Takahashi Ai
2.6 Natsuyaki Miyabi
3. Maeda Yuuka
4. Michishige Sayumi
5. Ogawa Saki
6. Niigaki Risa
7. Maeda Yuuka
8. Tsugunaga Momoko
9. Nakajima Saki
10. Yajima Maimi


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