Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mano Erina Will Graduate From Hello!Project

Announced just now at the H!P concert.

534 : ◆S6knF/6nIQ :2012/07/21(土) 15:09:24.48 O
真野ちゃん ハロ卒業

535 : ◆Yo8CFZT3kfPZ :2012/07/21(土) 15:09:27.42 0
Mano Erina will graduate from Hello!Project at 23rd February 2013 which its means until around 7 months again to her graduate concert.
You know, its really makes me bit dizzy, cold, and goosebump while i read the news. So, until the 7 months later (i hope until our last breath) we must standing as MANO FRIENDS not, MANO DATES!

Hello!Project Official Site
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