Monday, July 23, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/07/22 21:40] (English)

The Hello Concert in Osaka has ended Yesterday, it was announced that
I will be graduating from Hello Project at my February solo concert.

After I graduate, I hope to keep moving forward on
my own two feet to grasp my dreams, one by one.
I want to aim even higher in both singing and acting and
being mindful of “communication,”

I want to carefully cultivate my power to express myself.
I still have about 7 more months
so, I’ll be doing my best as a Hello member!!
I hope I can graduate with a smile on my face, you know.

Thank you so much for all these comments!
Actually, I haven’t read them yet…
I thought I’d read them last night
but I couldn’t let my eyes get all puffy (haha)
so I’ll take my time to read them after this!

Okay, okay then!
Now that the Osaka concerts are over next up in 2 weeks is Nagoya!!
This time, I seriously, SERIOUSLY sweated a ton!! er, but, it was fun (。・∀・。)ノ
Everyone who came to the concert!
Thank you very much♪
To the people who haven’t seen us yet please look forward to it~(。-∀-)♪

The photo is right after the concert
Since my hair is short,
when I sweat too much it flies all over when I turn (haha)

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