Monday, January 16, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/01/13 11:23] (English)

If you think about it
since January began, already
half of it has passed
Fast huh (´・_・`)
In the end, for the Coming of Age Day
I didn’t go to the ceremonies but
had a class reunion after dinner out with my parents
Since we graduated, there hasn’t been
a year that all of us have gotten together but
hm, how should I put it
at this place that I could come home to or like
a place where I can most be myself
like, I was just full of nostalgia. lol
Since my elementary school, middle school friends
call me
“Eri” or like “Eririn”
it somehow feels fresh
Because, it has been how many years since
I’ve been called by my first name. lol
I thought
friends are so nice (^ ^)
Speaking of my friends
the way they look and their personalities haven’t changed it seems. lol
And speaking of
it will only be 3 more months till turning 21 years old (´Д` )
Lately,I’ve been able to think seriously about various things
as 20 year old Mano Erina.
I thought something like, hm is this nicer
than not being able to think of anything.
The photo is from
Hello Pro Time with Sayashi-chan
She’s like a hamster and so cuute (´ε` )
At the handshake event the other day
she was called
“Shuwa shuwa?” by a fan
Sayashi-chan said “Pon!” and
she made me feel so happy

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