Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mano Erina - Debut Horror Movie ["Kai-Ki: Tales Of Terror From Tokyo"] Preview

Tale 1
Tsukimono: The Possessed
In Tsukimono: The Possessed, a bizarre but seemingly harmless hiccupping infection takes hold of a local college class; transforming them one by one into enraged, murderous monsters.

Tale 2
In Nozomi, a young girl finds herself haunted by a ghost that may hold the key to a long-buried family secret.

After finding out that Mano wouldn’t be playing a big part of AX (from what I can tell) it is of great relief that we find out she will instead do a Q&A, a mini-concert, and the debut of her film at another event in Club Nokia so I’m happy that she will get a chance to debut her film at a big venue as well as perform a few songs.

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