Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[Concert] Mano Erina - Graduation Concert 2013 (02/23/2012)

Yap! its been announce long time ago and this is the title for her graduation concert,

真野恵里菜メモリアルコンサート2013 in Nakano 「OTOME LEGEND~For the Best Friends」
it read, "Mano Erina Memorial Concert 2013 in Nakano "OTOME LEGEND ~ For the Best Friends"

i dont know why the title use "Memorial" word. Looks like Manokitty will have long hiatus in musical industry. As far as i know (maybe you all know too), Manokitty have thight schedule like drama, movie, theather, etc.
So, until the 23 February 2013 and until our last breath WE (I) will stand by her side together!!

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