Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2011/08/29 19:32] (English)

will soon be over

I had a meeting
about the end of the year

This year too will end
in 4 months, huh

Time has just flown
since the New Year til now, but

after this it feels like
time will fly by even faster
and fade away

I’ve got to try my best
and keep myself focused
so that everything around me doesn’t fade away!

I’ve been listening to
the Funky Monkey’s “Chipokena yuuki”*
over and over

It has been a while
since I’ve thought about all kinds of things

I’m having fun but
my worries continue…

Well, let’s do our best!

Mano Erina
still has some way to run swiftly (´∀`人)

The photo is from TIF!

I put up just half to the side
and held it with a pin!
I requested
this hairstyle

I wanted to try it once (*´艸`)

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