Monday, August 23, 2010

Mano Erina Translation Blog (Twitter) [2010/08/07-22] (English) (part 2)

August 13

The third day has ended! Today was really hot o(^▽^)o Thank you so much! Yeah! Now I'll go to an event in Akasaka!!

The event in Akasaka will start soon. I have the feeling something is going to happen...

Today's work has ended!

August 14

The 4th day has ended! Today there were 2 shows! It all went by so fast! I'll participate in the after talk show tomorrow (^ ^) Looking forward it ♪

I'll go to sleep early today (^ - ^)

August 15

The 5th day of stage play! I'll do my best today too!!

Drinking veggies juice before entering the bathtub ♪ I'm tired, so I'll get sleepy... yah. I'll read the script once more.

Sleepy... I remember going to the theater, it's curious, isn't it (^ ^)

August 18

I wrote on my blog! So I'll go to sleep. Wait a little bit for the update please! Yeah... good night.

August 19

Good morning! The stage play is at night today, and I'll go to another job before that!

After watching "The Japanese that Japanese people don't know", I'll go to sleep!

So, since I have to get up early tomorrow, I'll go to sleep already. Good night.

August 21

Wah Σ(・□・;) I thought I slept late... 20 minutes before leaving the house, I woke up, and I stayed with my sleeping/messy hair... But I did arrive (^◇^; )

The work has ended for today (^ ^) I'll return to the stage play today. I kind of feel lonely... But I'm still looking forward to all performances, until the last one!

August 22

Good morning! Today is the 12th show of the stage play ♪ Let's have an exciting time (^ ^)

thanks to Nouciel @H!O