Friday, March 30, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/03/28 12:32] (English)

Today, my 3rd album
“More Friends Over” goes on sale
At last~
I started work on this album
in about September last year,
recording 1 song at a time
and finally, it is being sent off to everyone♪
And with that
time for comments on each individual song~
“Junjou Keisatsu ”K・I・S・S””*
This is the first song on the album
It opens with sirens and footsteps
The impact is huge!! haha
I like the rhythm of the chorus
“Glory days”
I sang this at the Winter Hello Concert!
It is a powerful song that says, even though we broke up I’ll keep moving to a new future.
It has the hardest dance among all my songs (´Д` ) haha
The guitar is cool♪
“Seishun no Serenade”
This is my 9th single that was released last year in January
You definitely feel “seishun” (youth)!
Everyone, lets let out a big wa-ha-ha-ha! laugh♪
“Eien ~ Tasogare Kousaten time goes by~”
The lyrics are different from the song “Tasogare Kousaten.” It is a sequel.
The girl in the song is growing up.
I hope you definitely listen to this and compare them.
“Nekketsu sensei”
It is a cover of Sharam Q!
The lyricist takahashi
is my homeroom teacher when I was a 3rd year in middle school! lol
The composer was shibata!
“I have a dream”
The lyrics to the chorus are really deep.
To have your dream comes true is to be able to create a new dream
And, they are born from any random moment and such
and change from day to day, don’t they.
I wonder, what is my own dream right now?
“Banzai ! ~Jinsei ha Meccha Wandahhou!~”
I wonder if this will be the song that gets everyone pumped up
I’m thinking I’d like to perfect this for the first time at a concert (^ ^)
Spin your towels around~
“Kaze no Bara ~Aruite Chizu o Tsukutta Otoko no Uta~”
If I could describe the impact I had when first hearing this song…lol
I’ve respected Inoue Tadataka from way before
I’ve listened to this song ever since I was a little girl~
“Anata ga Irukara”
This is my only ballad this time.
The people who listen to this song
are people who are able to be kind to others
I’d be happy if this song makes you feel kind
“My Days for You”
My 10th single.
I listen to this when I remember my original goals.
I want to continue maturing along with this song from here on out.
I hope people listen to this song while remembering people that are important to them.
“Tenkiyohou ga Atattara”
This is my favorite among the new songs on this album
The intro is great!
We talked so much about how to sing it, huh.
The end!
Actually, I wrote these super simple comments
while listening to the album
Thank you for reading!
Everyone, please make sure to listen!
I’ll be waiting for your ipressions (^-^)/