Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mano Erina Translation Blog [2012/01/31 16:36] (English)

This was my outfit for rehearsal
a Kamen Rider Nadesiko Tshirt
Everyone said,
Hoow niice
It is amazing that you did the transformation and stuff (^ ^)
The effect of Kamen Rider Nadesico
around me is really big!
The other day
on location in Akihabara,
I was so happy~
when someone was like “Are you Nadesico?”
I wonder if the DVD
of the MOVIE Battle won’t be out soon~
I’m just totally into Fourze
every week I record it and stuff
and my cell phone strap is
and a pin batch of Nadesico
Every week on Sunday,
when I come home when work is over
it is my habit to watch my recorded show
Rehearsal keeps continuing on
so let’s keep working ha~rd